Winning the lottery on the go!

Do you dream of winning the lottery? Do you have a combination of lucky numbers that you believe will win big! Why not play mobile Keno at the best Philippines online casinos offering games compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets! This is the casino game that is most similar to playing the lottery. Gamblers can choose from a number of gambling modes and essentially play the lottery directly from their phones. Keno is a game in which players guess what numbers will be called and win depending on the correct numbers that are drawn. For gamblers that have never played Keno before, this entertaining casino game is very easy to learn.

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How to play Keno

Mobile Keno is extremely similar to playing in a real casino. The graphics and user interfaces supply a casino like feel and the software involved stimulates an authentic casino play. This game is played using a Keno card. This card is numbered one to eighty; these numbers are arranged in rows of ten with eight numbers in each row. Gamblers then mark off between one and twenty different numbers on the card. These are the gamblers choice and are essentially the numbers that will help them win. Winning is based on the amount of correct numbers drawn.

The winning numbers are drawn using random number generators to ensure fair play. Once the numbers are drawn, the software will check the numbers with the gamblers numbers and pay-out accordingly. Mobile real money casinos is a very fun and easy online casino game that can reap big rewards.

Popular Mobile Keno Games

Play 1: This is designed for gamblers that want to play only one round of Keno. They are able to choose up to twenty numbers dependant on the casino of choice directly from their mobile devices. This is good for players that want to try out their lucky numbers, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Play 5: This is for the more curious player. The play 5 game will launch five separate games of mobile Keno at the same time. This will increase the chances of winning and may prove to be beneficial to any gambler.

Play 10: For the serious mobile Keno player! A game of speed, play 10 will launch ten separate Keno games to maximize the chances of winning big! Filipino gamblers simply watch as these games are played automatically and wait to see what they have won.

Quick pick: Available to all Filipino gamblers, the quick pick mode will automatically choose random numbers for you. This is a good way to play if you are unsure of which numbers to pick. The random number generators will take care of you. All players need to do is wait to reap the rewards of this fun and exciting mobile casino game.

Play mobile Keno today!

Keno is available across many different mobile devices. Gamblers based in the Philippines have fast and easy access to the best keno games right from their phone! Play your lucky numbers and stand a chance to win big rewards today!

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