Use MasterCard for Real Money Play in the Philippines

Choosing a trusted and secure payment solution for your mobile casino needs can be somewhat of a daunting task. Do they approve deposits? Withdrawals? Will the service be safe and secure? The list is endless. Filipino players can rest easy. MasterCard, one of the top payment providers internationally, meets all your needs and more. There isn’t a more suitable solution available when playing your favourite real money mobile casino games.

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Master Card Transactions Online

There are many providers on the market, most of them however cannot match the excellence in service that MasterCard can provide you with. All of the best Filipino mobile casinos will have this world renowned payment provider available to you.

The process is simple. Once you’ve selected the mobile casino you would like to play on and you’ve registered an account, go to the cashier section on the site. Select the MasterCard logo, and then you will need to fill in your details, decide exactly how much you want to deposit, and confirm the transaction and almost immediately your PHP will be available for you to play your favourite real money casino games.

There is nothing more exhilarating than winning a massive payout or jackpot. And the last think you want to worry about is the withdrawal process. Withdrawing your winnings from your casino account is just as simple. It’s not as immediate as the deposit, but shouldn’t take longer than 2 days for the transaction to complete.

They also have a prepaid card that you can load with PHP and set aside specifically for your game play at mobile casinos. You can transfer money to and from your mobile casino account with this card too, and can access your funds easily at any supporting ATM.

Everybody Loves a Mobile Casino Bonus

MasterCard has a great loyalty program in place whereby the more you transact with your card the more special promotions you will be rewarded with. The special promotions you can expect to see range from discounted shopping sprees, local and international travel packages or top class golfing experiences.

There are also many bonuses and promotions offered to new players that use MasterCard. These bonuses can vary between fantastic 100% match up sign up bonuses, weekend getaways, free casino credits and free cash bonuses.

With regards to fees you can breathe, most transactions done with your card are free. Another great reward is that this brand is known to be safe and secure, and offers super quick transactions.

Master Card Casino Safety

MasterCard has top notch security measures in place ensuring that all your personal details are kept private and never compromised. All of the best mobile casinos boast the same level of security so it’s safe to say (excuse the pun) that your money and details will be safe and secure at all times when making deposits and withdrawals online.

Your card also has additional security in the form of the 3 digit cvv number on the back. Nobody will have access to this number unless they physically have your card in their hands. They also have a great customer support FAQ section on their website, so in the case that you have any queries you can have a quick browse through and your questions will soon be answered.

MasterCard checks all the boxes and meets all the mobile casino needs of players in the Philippines, making real money casino play easy, simple and straightforward!

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